Chapter 5 Deb’s Riverview cont.

I wish I could say that the kennel has survived and all is great. One of the only reprieve the kennel may have is the truth getting out and prevention of this in the future. Here I will post the horrific stories, aka evidence, displaying the monstrosities that come with evil deeds.

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Maris contradiction

Maris aka Marisa Conflict:


Excerpt from novel, Dog Days of Daycare

Three sets of Four German Shepherds

“Carpet Diem”

– William Shakespeare, Julius Cesar

The strange coincidence of clients with four German
Shepherds is a pattern that began years ago when Mrs. T was
running the kennel. Mrs. T was training the young ambitious
Deb when she encounters the first set of four German
Shepherds that board at her facility. The four males that are
boarding in one of the runs and will be the introduction of the
breed to Deb where she will learn extensively about their
behavior, instinct, and her own intuition, all three life lessons
learned with this incredibly intelligent breed. German
Shepherds are in the herding group and ranked amongst the
top five of all dog breeds, when it comes to intelligence. The
breed come in black and tan, black and the admired, but
recessive white. Americans have bred German Shepherds
down to a medical disaster with the commonly known hip
line sinking lower and lower combined with less and less
strength, as well as the size of the dog itself. Germany still has
beautiful specimens of the breed though, complete with
strong well-placed hip lines, good health and size. This
country have breeders that have kept up excellent standards
and carry beautiful dogs, but they are hard to find, and very
expensive. The expense of buying one here or transporting
one overseas is a tad bit on the high side, making it so that
owning a nice specimen of this breed is far and few in
between. The intelligence in this breed is not lost no matter
where they are located, and Deb easily picks up that and sees
the ease in training this breed.

Beth Toddie meets Deb on the very first Pare Day that
occurred in Leavenworth back in 1998-1999. Beth happens to
own four German Shepherds, and chooses Deb to board them.
Beth’s Shepherds will stay at the kennel for over two months,
with no efforts towards payment for their care. Beth, almost
like second nature, never bats an eyelash as she will take
advantage of Deb’s good nature and get away with keeping
her dogs at the kennel free of charge. Beth will stroll around
town having a big time, looking for other unsuspecting
victims. Meanwhile, two months will pass ad Beth will not
visit nor put time into her own four dogs. Deb on the other
hand, monopolizes on the owner’s absence and with the
mindset of “Carpe Diem,” works with the trainable breed to
be four dogs to act on cue. All four shepherds can be in a yard
and Deb commands them all to sit at the same time. They
master command words such as; Freeze, Place, Back, Down,
Aut and Stay. This is fun as Deb has the group solidly trained.
She enjoys their everyday sessions, cherishes, cares for and
loves all four dogs. The beautiful relationship reciprocated
with respect and loyalty to one another, strengthens their
bond with each day that passes. Those days will come to an
abrupt end because in all reality, Beth is continuously taking
advantage of a good natured and pure hearted woman. In
Deb’s defense, anyone who loves their work would know and
understand all too well what it is like to be caught up in your
passion and forgetting about the money portion of things,
more than likely, they cannot tell you how many Fridays will
come to pass and they are completely unaware that it’s
payday. So, to Deb, she never thought twice about the money,
turning the sin into a selfless act of sincerity. That all changes
when Deb and her husband Jim are walking through K—Mart
one evening doing some everyday shopping when they run
smack into Beth Toddie. Beth tries to make a quick exit, but
Jim does not allow the slippery serpent to slither away but
rather, steps on the serpent’s head holding her still as possible.
Jim speaks in a snarky tone, “Hey Beth, where you running to? And, by the way,” he continues, “when are you planning
on paying your fucking bill?” Beth stands in front of the
couple, and proceeds to glare at Deb, mortified and exposed
as an individual enduring its worst nightmare, nude on stage
in front of a huge audience. Deb cannot argue or stand
against the true words her husband just blurted out. Instead,
she stands beside her husband and his brutal honesty. Beth’s
eyes narrow and hatred wells up in them, darkening in each
moment that is ticking by. Beth snaps her open mouth shut,
spins on her heel, and marches out of the doorway of the
store. Jim gives Deb’s hand a small squeeze to steady her for
the next part of the journey they were about to endure.
However, had Jim known what the blackness in Beth’s eyes
had meant he would have called an army to come and help
Deb stand against this devious foe.
Beth comes clicking into the kennel the next morning, dressed
for success by trailer park standards, and loads her four
beautifully behaved German Shepherds and takes them
without ever paying a dime to the kennel.

Levi has gone to lunch, Donna is upstairs, and Susan and Christina are in the

bathing room. I am standing alone down at the counter in the
main kennel, listening to the dogs while preparing the yard
assignment and boarding sheet for that day, when the
business phone rings. I push the talk button and greet the
individual that is on the other end. The voice at the other end
snaps back at me, demanding, “Where is Deb?” I answer
getting my pen and paper ready for a message, “she isn’t here
right now, may I take a message.” She hisses back at me,
“she’s probably standing right there.” I look around for a
second wondering if the woman is watching with binoculars
in the bushes and I have somehow missed Deb walk up to me,
but there is not a soul in sight, only dogs. The nasty sounding
voice continues, “This is Maribeth Toddie and I will not have
my reputation tarnished for any reason! I will sue whoever I
have to, to shut them up!” Now being the author of the blog
that has sparked this threat, I already know these
people…..Well. I spent the last several years researching,
studying and reading the horrific lies being plastered all over
the internet. I am more than familiar with what fact is and
what fiction is. I answer the feeble-minded threat with a cool
sharp tone, “she is not standing right here, and to address you
other concern, if the story coming out isn’t true, then why
worry? And, for my own curiosity, are you telling me you
never wrote anything on social media about the kennel?”
Defensively, she snaps, “I don’t care, I know what I saw and I
saw that woman kill dogs with my own eyes!” I interject
immediately, “whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. So, what you’re
telling me is this, you, with your own eyes, watched Deb
march downstairs and into the kennel and murder dogs?”
She answers with just a single word, and I quote this
verbatim, she simply answers…”No.”In 2009, the third set of four German Shepherds come to board
at the kennel and this set needs some major work. Marisa
stands by and watches Deb graceful handle the dogs, who are
supposedly extremely aggressive. Marisa stays in contact
with the dog’s owner and tells them what a wonderful job Deb
does with the dogs and how it is amazing the way she goes in
and handles the dogs, the dog’s love life, and personally how
she is learning so much. She writes a letter explaining her
wonderful experiences during their stay.
However, Marisa realizes in her mid-employment that fall
that Deb would survive her health, and begins to show the
true color of her heart. Marisa would steadily utilize Deb’s
kennel, teachings, Blogger and Twitter to deceive
unsuspecting people that is her personal company “For the
Dogs Training,” that is the one producing these pictures,
videos, and success stories. As the time passes and seasons
change, Marisa does not get better at her job, instead she
becomes lazier, sneakier and more conniving.

© 2017 Josie Campbell


Chapter 4 Ike


This dog was the motivation to write the book, “Dog Days of Daycare.” Ike was a lab mix with a wonderful disposition and selfless love that naturally comes with our four legged friends. However, his health was the beginning for me to get to know the true story behind Deb’s Riverview Kennels. A sad story to see this dog be used for corruption that was set forth by humans, the same as many of the shocking stories told in this novel.

In this instance, the owner of Ike and Tex boarded his dog at the kennel, knowing Ike was ill, and hoped he would die during his stay. All this so he could sue the kennel for money to aid those with the goal of putting the kennel under. A long story with many unanswered questions, I wrote the novel and dedicated it to this sweetly tempered dog. I pray that the truth, told in the book gets out to the world and those that are ill intended are exposed to the world preventing further damage to innocence. To the world I introduce my first dog to you….. Ike.

I apologize in advance for the graphic photos seen here. These pictures have been plastered all over social media to misrepresent the events that truly took place. In the next excerpt is an accurate account of Ike’s final 14 days.

Excerpt from novel, “Dog Days of Daycare”

Ike and Tex

“Be not envious of evil men nor desire to be with them. For their hearts devise violence, and their lips talk of trouble”

-Proverbs 24:1

December 28, 2015

Abby is face to face with Mika Cherbino. She smiles and says that, “Ike is not eating as much as he did the first 8 days. We separated him from Tex in the yard yesterday to keep a close eye on him and see if he might have become lethargic or have any other symptoms that may alarm us to an emergency.” Abby continues, “Deb thinks maybe you should have him checked out to see if perhaps something may be going on.” Abby always ahead of the game already has the two labs leashes and collars in her hands, ends the conversation by saying, “let me get Ike and Tex for you,” Michaela has a wicked smile slowly creep onto his lips, but immediately erases it as he turns to greet the two dogs that are coming towards him. The labs freshly bathed complete with their Deb’s Riverview Kennels bandana, jump into the back of Cherbino’s older model pickup truck. Abby is watching the entire scene through the bay window right above the cream colored, leather couch in the lobby, is a little baffled because, she sees Cherbino taking pictures of only Ike standing in the back of his truck. She sees this behavior as odd at first. Ironically, the first sign of deception by anyone is odd or irrational behavior. Abby looks down and catches the unsigned contract and Leanne’s note. She moves quickly, darting out of the front door, contract in hand, but Cherbino has already spun out of the parking lot. Abby sighs and goes inside to call him, and has to leave a voicemail asking him to return and fix his “mistake.”

The kennel phone rings right at closing time. Abby answers to a raving lunatic on the other end, spitting questions at the stunning young beauty. “Why has my dog lost so much weight?” he yells, what have you done?” Then silence. Abby explains again Ike’s slow decline in food intake in the last 48 hours and they monitored him in the blue group to be certain that his activity level did not decline as well. Cherbino interrupts Abby and in a slightly more condescending tone, says, “I told you not to separate them didn’t I?” Mouth agape, Abby is hurt by this man’s crass behavior, and says in a voice that commands his attention, “sir, I know however, we can’t tell who is or is not eating, nor an accurate amount of consumption if the two dogs are always together. We do separation and observation to see who has what change or to see if we may have an emergency.” Cherbino snorts on the other end, and says in a hardened tone, “let me talk to Deb.” Abby just shakes her head in disbelief that she has just heard narcissism in its purest form. She proceeds to take the phone to Deb, who is working in her office. Abby arrives at the doorframe, looks at Deb and mouths the words, “Mika Cherbino.” Deb thanks Abby and takes the phone to speak to the “upset” individual on the other end. “Hey Mika, what’s going on?” Mika repeats the words he just said to Abby claiming that Ike is not eating at all. He asks if they can meet in the morning to discuss the matter. Deb, without hesitation, agrees.

December 29th, 2015

Mika Cherbino shows up the morning of the 29th with his tape recorder already secretly recording. He is immediately led into Deb’s office where Snappy Cat (Little Boot), dressed in his usual black tuxedo with a white tip at the end of his tail, is taking his morning nap. The cat rises ears flat back on his head, hisses at Cherbino, then jumps down and marches out of Deb’s office door to finish his siesta elsewhere. Deb, who is sitting in her office chair, ignores the cat’s behavior, faces Mika, and begins to speak. “Tell me Mika, what’s going on with Ike?” Mika again goes into the same speech that he said the night before. Deb gives some suggestions to aid in getting Ike to eat, including the NutriCal she had given to the Daschund puppies’ years ago. Deb shaking her head trying to grasp some understanding and problem solve the dog’s mysterious sudden disinterest in food. Ultimately, she advises that Cherbino take Ike to the vet. Cherbino rises, satisfied, he thanks Deb and walks out, his false sense of confidence and black-hearted intentions soon to be seen.

Snappy Cat hunkers into the warning position on the cream leather couch centered in the lobby. The cat hisses and spits while striking his front leg out with shocking quick reflexes. His ears flattened back on his head remaining there warning the intruder to keep going on his way. Deb looking back and realizes that Michala Cherbino has a negative effect on all creatures, great andsmall. They always greet the short man with an intense, guarded body posture.

December 30, 2015

Mika finally takes Deb’s advice and takes Ike to the already scheduled vet appointment at Dog and Cat Clinic to see Dr. Miller. Mika’s chief complaint, emaciated after boarding. Dr. Miller gives an injection as well as fluids to Ike. Mika ultimately carts Ike back to the clinic within 48 hours and Dr. Miller refers Cherbino and his dog to Blue Pearl.

January 7, 2016

He takes Ike to Blue Pearl where they perform a series of tests and procedures. The doctor concludes that Ike needs further treatment, testing and hospitalization. Cherbino refuses all three recommendations, the same as he has done to all the suggested treatments for Ike in the past. He says he will treat Ike at home.

January 8-11, 2016

Ike lays suffering, in the Cherbino residence, possible in the advanced stages of carcinoma or organ failure. The dog’s body is dying, but his heart wants to please his owner and live. Ike lays on the blue pillow like dog bed, not eating, not drinking, lethargy taking a stronger hold with each moment that passes. He lays in unbearable pain. On the 13th day Mika and Lidia look at Ike and take pictures and videos of their pet in this near death state.

January 12, 2016

The 14 days of torture finally end and Ike makes one final trip to the vet where he is humanely euthanized.

March 1, 2016

A certified letter arrives at the kennel addressed to Deb and she sees that it is from Michaela Cherbino and opens it immediately. She unfolds one of the trifold and her heart skips a beat as she sees it is on official military letterhead. She opens the other fold and begins to read. She looks away and scans her desk looking for her reading glasses, and rereads the letter again. Deb goes back over the line that had initially caught her eye. “If you give me $4000.00, I won’t take you to court. Deb, face red, without missing a beat decides, court it is, you lying snake.

Ike January 11.jpg

Pictures of Ike taken by his owners on the final day of a the 14 days of torture. Their final moments with their pet before he goes to be humanely euthanized, allowing his suffering to finally cease, giving Ike a much deserved release from the hands that bound him to the life he endured with these owners.

1. Extortion letter from Ike’s owner:

© 2017 Josie Campbell

Dog days

Chapter 1, Deb’s Riverview Kennels

Two decades ago:

There was an up and coming boarding/daycare facility with a gifted owner running the show. The change of events in this tragic story begins with a rare heart condition and the owner’s future appearing bleak. The employees that were hired merely stood around, pretended to know about dogs, and waited for the death of the owner. Their actions would lead to series of horrid events, with the most recent being a pet owner torturing and killing his own pet. This is her story.

“It’s about to get Wilder than a March hare in mating season”
Icy Sparks


Dog days of Daycare: Shocking true story of one dog kennel’s Trials, Tribulations, Tragedy and Triumph

Authored by Josie Campbell, Authored by Melanie Brushwood

Dog days of Daycare: Shocking true story of one dog kennel’s Trials, Tribulations, Tragedy and Triumph

Authored by Josie Campbell, Authored by Melanie Brushwood

Excerpt from novel

“You should not rip yourself into

pieces, to keep others whole”

– Anonymous

In the year of 1989 times were like eternal bliss. Deb had the kennel and was easily running it by herself. One might question how it is possible to run a kennel by yourself? To begin, you should keep the dogs on a low key and under control so you don’t have to stand over them in a group. It is more than possible, the secret, know your dogs.

Around 1999 Deb had introduced the concept of doggie daycare, charging it only as an add-on to clients that were already boarding. The concept of dogs put together all day and night, now dogs do travel in packs in the wild, making this idea bringing them closer to their natural state. Tap into the dogs natural state tends to make them more relaxed and happier overall. So, Deb puts together a package that offered Monday through Friday, daycare from 6:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night, for the cost of $25.00 per week.

The first recorded Doggie Daycare was established circa 1987, however, the concept was dated back as far as 1973 according to the New York Times. Daycare took off in the early 1990s all over the US, and Deb was in the thick of it.


© 2017 Josie Campbell